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About Me

I’m Hadi Omrani from Iran. I’m working at Golestan university where it is located between Alborz Mountains and Caspian sea. My major is Geology, petrology. I’m interested in metamorphic petrology, thermodynamic modeling and geochemical studies. My doctorate thesis topic was about study of Shanderman eclogite. During working on my thesis, it was my pleasure to work with my supervisors and my advisers Prof. Moazzen and Moayyed (Iran) and Prof. Oberhänsli (Germany) and Prof. Tsujimori (Japan). All the best Hadi Omrani Geology Department, Faculty of Sciences, Golestan University, Gorgan, Iran, Phone: 017-32220084 (231) Mobile: 0911-272-3950 Fax: (+98) 017-32245964 Postal Code: 49138-15759 E-Mail:

Geology of Iran

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Central Iranian Microcontinent

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