Hadi Omrani
I’m Hadi Omrani from Iran. I’m working at Golestan university where it is located between Alborz Mountains and Caspian sea. My major is Geology, petrology. I’m interested in metamorphic petrology, thermodynamic modeling and geochemical studies. My doctorate thesis topic was
Paleotethys Suture The Paleotethys (Paleo-Tethyan) suture separates regions characterized by two fundamentally different tectonic styles in the structure of the Tethysides. North of the suture in Iran, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Tadjikistan, Kirgizstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and large parts of the Russian Federation
Shanderman Eclogite
Read more about Shanderman eclogites: Metamorphic history of glaucophane-paragonite-zoisite eclogites from the Shanderman area, northern Iran
South Caspian Basin (SCB)  The South Caspian Basin (SCB) is restricted by Khazar fault at the southern (northern Iran) and Apsheron-Balkan Fault at the northern part (south of middle Caspian Sea). At the western part, it is restricted by Astara
Jadeite Content and P-T diagram
At this part, I will try to put some lessons about Theriak-Domino for users who has no familiarity with this program. The topics would be: P-T pseudosection diagram calculation Mineral growth modeling during prograde metamorphism Slab melting and adakitic magma
Shanderman Gorgan Mashhad
 Alborz mountain ranges is dividable into 3 parts: eastern, central and western parts: Eastern Alborz      This part is containing Mashhad Ophiolite, metamorphic, non metamorphic rocks (Binalood Mountain), Mashhad granites and some volcanic arc (Alavi 1974, 1991). Ophiolites are located